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The Current 4 Step Morning Skincare Routine

April 13, 2016

See this post as kind of the start of my new skincare journey, this is my current routine which is pretty basic and isn't really doing what I want. My goal for the next few months is to completely recreate my skincare routine (morning and night!) and start getting my skin back into shape. A bit of background for you. I have pretty dry skin that gets flaky and uncomfortable easily, my skin is red and irritated and I suffer from the occasional blemish. I want to try and attempt the whole 10 step skincare routine that people use in Korea so hopefully over the next few months I can build up a routine that I love and will work wonders for my skin.

Soo, what I'm using right now. I wouldn't say that this routine is doing wonders for my skin, sure these products don't cause me major breakouts or anything horrible but together the foursome is pretty meh. To start off with I spray my face with La Roche Posay Serozinc which I use as a toner and I feel like I should be using a more hydrating toner as this is targeted towards people with oily and blemish prone skin whereas my skin is more dry and irritated so this isn't the best product for me. After this I have been using the Effaclar Duo also from LRP, again this is a serum for blemish prone skin which although isn't what I want I do think that this keeps my skin clear and blemish free.

For moisturiser I've been using the No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream which makes my skin feel nice but not amazing and I don't feel like it works that well under make up. I much prefer using a more liquid-y moisturiser compared to a cream so although I won't be repurchasing this it's not too bad and I feel like it is pretty much the only skincare product I use that is actually targeted towards my skin type. Then to finish off I use the La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Yeux Eye Cream which is a great eye cream for the morning, it goes on great underneath makeup and really helps my eyes feel more smooth and hydrated in the morning which I love.

So all in all my current morning skincare needs a lot of tweaking, I need to get some products that are actually targeted towards dry skin! I feel like for the longest time I have felt my skin is blemish prone when really it's just red and bumpy as a result of being so dry. Hopefully in the next instalment of my skincare journey I will start to have a more suitable routine in the making!

What are your favourite skincare products? Does your skincare routine need a switch up?

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