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An Ode To Maybelline Colour Tattoos

April 09, 2016

I was thinking about how people do these 'an ode to...' posts, talking about their favourite brands or products and coming to the realisation that I didn't really have any products that I 'collected' or had a lot of, while I sat there using three different colours of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos on my eyes. You could say that these were one of my most underrated products around these parts as I don't think I have really mentioned these that much, or enough as I should. I use at least one of these shades every day and they are by far my favourite eye shadow bases, that being said I haven't tried the MAC Paint Pots, but I intend to so watch this space.

So I have three shades of the colour tattoos and love them all, they are all neutral colours that are perfect for every day and the three shades can be used all together to create a great look. At this rate I will soon have the whole collection as they are so easy to use and blend, they last on the eyes all day and, long story short, they just look great.

On and On Bronze: The first shade that started this love affair with the colour tattoos, I remember picking this up pretty much as soon as they were launched after hearing so much hype around them. This was back when they had about 4-5 colours and the only neutral colours was this and Permanent Taupe and as a makeup novice the shimmery brown shade would always be the one I picked. When I'm going for a more smokey and dark eye look I use this all over the lid but for more natural makeup days I like to use this in the crease and outer section of my lid, it's the perfect bronzey shade that would look good on anyone.

Creamy Beige: This is one of the leather effect shades so it looks matte on the lids. This is a lovely light brown-beige shade that, again, can be used all over the lids on it's own or used in conjunction with On and On Bronze in the crease for a more put-together look. I use this more than On and On Bronze as I like to wear it on it's own when I want a little something on the eyes but don't want anything too noticeable.

Creme de Nude: My favourite of three and also most recent, this is a matte shade and I picked it up after looking online and realising it looks almost identical to Soft Ochre by MAC which I was planning to get but didn't after discovering this dupe. This is what I use every. single. day. on my eyelids no matter what I'm doing. I have quite a few veins on my eyelids that I like to cover up and rather than using concealer I use this and it turns my eyelids into a blank canvas. I like to set this with an eye shadow or powder just to prevent any creasing. This is a great base for any eyeshadow look as the colours will really pop over this, it's also great just for covering up any veins for the no eye shadow days.

Have you tried the Maybelline Colour Tattoos? What are your favourite shades?

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