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10 Things The Internet Has Taught Me About Skincare

April 25, 2016

I am a complete beginner when it comes to skincare. I don't really have a full routine by any stretch of the imagination and am a bit clueless when it comes to what products I should be using and how I should be using them. I also spend a lot of time browsing the Internet so have been trying to educate myself a bit more when it comes to skincare, here are 10 things that I have learnt:

  1. The double cleanse bandwagon is real - I like to use an oil based cleanser (The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil) and then a water based cleanser (Garnier Micellar Water) to get every last scrap of makeup off my face.
  2. Not all serums are the same and should be applied differently. Water based serums go under moisturiser and oil based serums should go over the top of moisturisers. (Into The Gloss)
  3. Don't use an eye cream at night as it can make your eyes puffy in the morning (Into The Gloss)
  4. SPF!! (enough said)
  5. Go for the gentlest cleanser that you get your hands on, something that Alessandra Steinherr preaches all the time on her snap chat.
  6. The scary 10 step Korean skincare routine is totally achievable! (Youtube
  7. Water sprays are life changing for people with dry skin who need added hydration throughout the day! Try the La Roche Posay and Avene offerings!
  8. How to do your own at-home facial (Youtube)
  9. Multi Masking is the key to solving all your skincare problems - I use a charcoal mask on my t-zone and a hydrating mask on the rest of my face.
  10. That there are two different types of exfoliators - physical and acid exfoliators which Caroline Hirons has talked about numerous times here and here.
Do you have any skincare tips to share?

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