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Three Budget Brow Products

March 03, 2016

For me brows are pretty much the most important part of the face, I have pretty dark and somewhat thick eyebrows naturally so I normally don't feel the need to do too much with them in the morning but I do like to just fill in any sparse patches and make them look a bit more defined. I have been rotating between three eyebrow products for the past couple of months, all of which I have been extremely happy with and are pretty different but are the same in the way they make my eyebrows look, well, on point.

The Pencil and More: I've spoken about this product before around these parts but the Maybelline Brow Satin is my favourite drugstore eyebrow pencil that I have found so far, mainly down to the sponge on the other end which I find so useful. I use the pencil to outline my eyebrow and create shape and then use the sponge to fill it all in. I love this because you can make your eyebrows look really natural and when you're in a rush you can just use the sponge to quickly fill everything in and it takes seconds.

The Everything You Need Kit: The Barry M Brow Kit has been an old favourite of mine since being introduced to it by a friend. It contains three different things; a lighter brown wax, a dark brown brow powder, and a light highlight for the brow bone. I really like the wax that comes with this kit, the consistency is really nice as it's pretty thick which helps to keep my brows in place. The only problem is that it's too light for me so I've mixed the dark brown powder into the wax to create a better colour match and it's now perfect! (That explains why the kit is closed, it's so messy on the inside!)

The Brow Pomade Dupe: It feels like everyone has the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade apart from me, I didn't know if I would like it because I have never used a product like that for my brows and didn't want to part with that much money if I turned out not to like it. So when I found the Freedom Brow Pomade in Superdrug it felt like I had struck gold. I can only assume that this is a good dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills alternative but I think it's a great product. Also there are so many shades available which is a refreshing change from the standard; blonde, brown, dark brown colours that most drugstore brands tend to stick to. This was a little hard to get into using at first as I had to test it out a lot as it is possible to go a bit OTT with this but I love it. Also boy does this thing last, this is the perfect brow product for when you want your makeup to seriously last.

And finally the brush that I use for my eyebrows every day is one by Revolution and its the E104 brush which is just your standard angled eyeliner brush that is so great for eyebrows as you can really use the shape of the brush to make a defined arch which is the look that I like to go for. I'm not too picky when it comes to angled brushes, as long as it does the job I'm happy and this brush does it perfectly.
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