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First Impression: Stila Foil Finish Eyeshadow

March 26, 2016

I have recently become obsessed with browsing the shelves of my local TK Maxx's beauty aisle. I have pretty much worked out their delivery days and when is the best time to go in and not be faced with shelves of broken makeup that people have ruined. The TK Maxx near me has had Hourglass and NARS products in recently, I mean they were in horrible colours but nonetheless it's exciting to see a NARS eyeshadow duo for £9.99. On one of my said trips I found the Stila Foil Finish Eyeshadow and luckily they had one in the shade Kitten which if you know Stila you have probably heard of this shade. What was even better was that it was only £3.99 and upon researching it when back at home I found that it retails for £33.50 online, a bargain or what?!

The box comes with the foil eyeshadow in a small pot, a liquid eye primer and a round metal tray which you can use for mixing the eyeshadow with the primer. The two main ways of applying this is to either put the primer directly onto your eyelid and then pack the eyeshadow on over top or mix the eyeshadow and primer together using the tray. I have found the latter is the easiest way for me to apply this. In the swatches below the left hand shows what the shadow looks like when mixed in with the primer and on it's own and there really isn't much of a difference in pigmentation or appearance at all.

The consistency to this is very different to anything I have used before, it's like a cream eyeshadow in the pot but has bits of foil and glitter in which you are able to kind of scoop out with an eyeshadow brush, of which I just use a flat brush used for packing on shadow.

It's such a gorgeous colour, its a kind of nude pink that looks slightly gold. This formula has a lot of glitter in which may not be for everyone but I find that this is the perfect product to make a normal eyeshadow look more interesting and take it to the next level. I used the same products as I showed in my 'everyday eyeshadow look' post and just added the foil eyeshadow to the lid and I think it looks amazing. It's not too in your face but the glitter is noticeable which I love.

 So my first impression? This is an amazing product that can make any everyday eyeshadow look so much more interesting and can be packed on heavier for a night out when you really want to have a more intense look. Not only is this easy to apply when mixed with the eye primer, that really keeps it in place, it's also easy to remove. I used both my Garnier Micellar Water and The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil and both removed the glitter effortlessly. If you are able to pick it up from TK Maxx then 100% get it but I think £33.50 for this product is way overpriced.

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