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Budget Beauty Gems

March 05, 2016

I am all about budget beauty buys, sure I do love my more expensive products but there are so many great brands and products that you can get for a fraction of the price. Budget makeup has come such a long way recently and they have products that really match to higher end counterparts and being able to walk out with a couple of items that together cost the same as a NARS blush makes the whole thing even better.

I've always loved the makeup by Collection, they are one of the cheaper drugstore brands but sell some really great products. I have been loving the Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude as it has the perfect mix of shades for an everyday eye look, I feel that is kind of similar to the range of shades in the Naked Basics 2 palette. The shadows in this are so creamy and easy to blend and pigmented compared to other budget eyeshadows that can tend to be on the chalky side. I use all the colours on a daily basis and it creates a perfect and simple every day eye look. Another gem from Collection is their Speedy Highlighter in Pearl Sheen . I have been a long time lover of the Mary Lou Manizer and it was the sole highlighter in my collection for a long time so I picked this up a while ago to try something new and I have been so happy with it. It creates a really dewy highlight that is a bit more subtle but still just as pretty. Also on the days where I want to have a really intense highlight I have been putting this on my cheekbones first almost like a base for my usual highlighter to stick to and it's great.

I'm not really too big on lip and nail products, I'm not the kind of person that has copious amounts of lipsticks in every single bag I own and I don't always have my nails painted but I do have some budget products that I think are amazing. The Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate from the Nude collection in 45. This is the perfect pinky-nude colour that is perfect for every day, the formula is also amazing. It's not matte but it's not slippy or anything on the lips, it just sits there nicely and feels comfortable. And the final budget gem I have is the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails  which is a great product if you're like me and your nails are really weak and tend to break off a lot. I normally apply 2 coats of this even when I'm not wearing an actual nail polish as it helps to strengthen my nails and then when I do put nail polish on I use this as a base coat. I have noticed a definite difference in my nails since using this, my nails don't flake and break off as much and they feel a lot stronger.
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