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Brushes You Need for Contouring

March 10, 2016

I have really got into contouring, gone are the days of simply putting bronzer on my face and leaving it at that. It has become a daily routine to use a contour shade, a bronzer and highlighter and I have found three brushes that are must-haves for creating amazing chiselled cheekbones.

The first is the double-ended brush that comes with the Tarte Corrector and Concealer, which I have done a whole post on. I feel a bit cheeky as you can't buy this brush alone, but £24 for an amazing concealer and an amazing brush? You can't complain, just buy it. The angled end of the brush is perfect for sculpting out the cheekbones and then I tend to use the other end to blend the contour out a little and not make the contour line as harsh. Another brush that is great for contouring is the Real Techniques Contour Brush which comes in the Core Collection. Out of the collection I only use the contour brush and the buffing brush but the two brushes are so great you can completely justify buying the whole collection just for the two. The contour brush is a lot more fluffy so doesn't create as much of a harsh line which I find is good for every day when you just quickly want to put on a contour shade to emphasise your cheekbones. It blends everything out so well but still can give a pretty defined line. I even use this to blend out the line after using the Tarte angled brush to create the initial contour.

Finally is the brush that I have been using for highlighting which is one that I found on Ebay, I can't find the exact brush that I got but this brush is pretty much the exact same. I went through a phase where I just got all my brushes from Ebay and this has been the only one that has really stuck with me. It's a tapered brush and is just the right size for applying my highlighter. I have actually found that it is good at applying contour products as well so is a great multi-tasker. It's supposed to be a dupe for the one of the NARS brushes and they definitely do look similar! This applies product so nicely to the face and you can use it to blend everything out as well so I think it's just great.
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