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The Perfect Mini Eyeshadow Palettes

February 04, 2016
 I love a big eyeshadow palette with a huge variety of colours as much as the next person but when it comes to fitting everything into a small makeup bag it doesn't really work, suddenly the large variety of colours becomes unnecessary. I mean we all have that one eyeshadow palette where there is one shade that we just ~love~ and all the others are just meh but will still take it everywhere for the one amazing shade. This is where the Rimmel London HD 5 Pan Eyeshadows come in...
These are the perfect compact palettes that have all the colours I need for my everyday neutral eyeshadow look along with some colours to add a bit of colour and deepen up the look. The first one of the two that I got is Brixton Brown which has the most gorgeous rust colour in the centre, which can I add is the most buttery pigmented eyeshadow I own. I don't know if it exactly shows up in the picture but seriously go into boots and swatch it for yourself! This is the palette that has the pops of colour in the middle, the neutral colours on the right with the dark browns that are more warm toned.
The other palette is called Foggy Grey and it contains more cool toned lighter colours that would be my go to of the 2 palettes. I love the champagne colour for all over the lid and around the tear duct as its so shimmery but so flattering. This is the palette to get for those who want something that's no fuss and super simple for everyday. There isn't really much that you can do with the colours in the Foggy Grey palette aside from the basics, this is where Brixton Brown comes in. I can add the rust colour to make my eye look more interesting and colourful (or as colourful as I am willing to go) or use the warm browns to make my eyeshadow look more smoky and dark, perfect.
These have been the only eyeshadows that I have been using for the past couple of weeks (minus the white shade in Foggy Grey that I can't seem to get much use out of). They are such good quality, they aren't quite consistent though, I feel like the Brixton Brown has much better quality shadows compared to Foggy Grey but they are still all so good. For those who want something that is going to fit in even the smallest makeup bag then these will do just that while giving you so many different eyeshadow combinations.
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