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The New Favourite Blush

February 11, 2016

So this blush hasn't quite beaten my beloved Tarte Exposed in the all time favourite blush category, but it has definitely become my go to for when I want a bright, glowy and healthy looking blush. I bought the Milani Baked Blush in the colour Luminoso from Amazon with a gift card that I had. I also had no idea that Amazon sold Milani products prior to this, if I had known I would have got my mitts on some Milani beauty a very long time before this, this blush in particular.

I feel like when you think of Milani this is one of their stand out products, I know that I have been hearing countless positive reviews on this product for such a long time, I even remember searching for this when I went to New York (which is now almost 2 years ago *sigh*) and was strangely unable to find it anywhere. But now I have it with me I just wish that I had gotten it sooner. It really is the perfect blush that gives you a bright and glowy look but isn't too in your face and mega bright. This product is also insanely pigmented, one tap of my brush into this pot and I am good to go which is good as I know I will not be running out of it any time soon. The formula is so lovely, not too chalky and even from swatching it you can tell how creamy and nice quality it is. My only gripe, the packaging. It's so bulky. It's all plastic but is rather chunky and has a separate compartment underneath that houses a brush which I find so unnecessary and a waste of space.

I have been so happy with this blush and for £4.49 you can't really say no. I have been eyeing up some of the other colours as well especially the shade Coralina which looks so pretty so watch this space as you may be seeing a lot more from Milani very soon.
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