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The Most Versatile Double Ended Brush

February 19, 2016

So when I first got the Tarte CC Corrector and Concealer and got this brush with it, I started out using it how it was explained. On one end it's this slanted dense brush that is great for picking up product and is intended to be used for easily sweeping the corrector under your eyes. The slant of the brush made it the perfect shape for under the eyes. The other end is an also very dense brush that is similar to the shape of most blush brushes. This is intended to be used for putting the concealer under the eyes, now straight away I didn't like this for that purpose. I found the brush to be too big and it was hard to blend as it was a bit too dense for blending in the creamy concealer.

Although the double-ended brush was perfect for it's original use I have found a whole new way of using it. Now that contouring is now 'in' and I find myself reaching for my contour kit on the daily I have discovered that the slanted end of this brush is perfect for use with powder and cream contours and perfectly places the product right in your cheekbone, using this brush I also blend the contour in in upward motions to get a really defined cheekbone. Then I just use a normal blush brush to blend out any edges that are a bit too harsh. Then the other side of it. I have found that it is soo good for applying foundation. Although it is a little small that doesn't bother me and I still find it a breeze applying my foundation. It's dense enough that it quickly and easily blends the product in but still makes it look flawless and soft which is what I want all of my foundation brushes to do.

So I don't think there is any reason not to buy the Tarte duo now, not only does it come with my favourite corrector of all time along with a great concealer that's perfect for covering up imperfections but it also comes with such a versatile brush that I'm sure I will continue to find many more uses for.
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