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February 09, 2016
My skin hasn't been great recently. Flaky skin, tired eyes and blemishes are the main problems that I've been encountering over the past couple of weeks. Although I haven't been able to completely combat my blemishes, yet, I have managed to tick off the problems of dry and flaky skin along with the tired eyes in 2 amazing products.

I have always loved the No7 skincare range, long before I ever tried any of their makeup and fell in love too. For things like moisturisers and cream cleansers they have always been my go to, for their ultra moisturising yet gentle formulas that feel oh so good on the skin. In particular I have been loving their Beautiful Skin Day Cream which is designed for people with Normal/Dry skin which in hindsight I would probably fall under the Dry/Very dry bracket due to the tightness and current flaky-ness of my skin but until I finish my current pot the Normal/Dry is working perfectly. It calms my skin in the morning leaving it smooth and nourished, and I mean really nourished. It feels like it's actually sinking into my skin rather than just sitting on top. Having a good moisturiser like this really helps your makeup slide on which is why this is such a vital step in my morning routine.

For my tired eyes the La Roche Posay Hyrdaphase Intense Eyes works wonders at waking up and refreshing my sleepy eyes for the day ahead. It's like yet super moisturising and helps to keep under eye bags at bay. It sinks in really quickly and like the moisturiser I find when I use this it makes my concealer glide on and I think it makes it last longer as it has a smoother surface to cling onto - this may be completely off but it's something I have definitely noticed. It's by far the morning eye cream of choice as I told you all in an earlier post. La Roche Posay is definitely one of, if not my favourite skincare brands but this product is one of the standouts!
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