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February 23, 2016

The past couple of months have been pretty good for makeup, I have been testing out so many new products and have loved so many but managed to narrow it down to just 5 products that I have been reaching for the most. A lot of these I've mentioned in previous posts which just shows how much I love them, and I'm sure you'll  be seeing these pop up in many more posts in the future.

The first is one of the most perfect blushes that I will no doubt be wearing for the whole of spring and summer, Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso. I have a full review up on this blush here and it has also popped up in a few posts since that. I can't praise this blush anymore, it's just so beautiful and flattering, need I say more?

I had been saving up my boots points for a long time, I like to make a big purchase rather than just spending points on little things every now and then. For my most recent purchase I got the Clinique Even Better Foundation as I have been thinking about trying one of their foundations for a while. I was torn between the even better and the Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer but when I sat down with the people at Clinique they let me test them both out and the Beyond Perfecting felt very thick whereas the Even Better felt like it would be a lot more comfortable on the skin, and it definitely is! It's quite a small bottle for £25 but I haven't been using much of it, just buffing it lightly into my skin. So far I am absolutely loving it and my skin has been looking, well, even better! I will have a full review on this up soon, with foundation I think I need to try it out a little more and collect my thoughts on it.

Another product that I have been obsessed with is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer which, again, I have already spoken about in this post. This is such a lovely concealer, and on top of my Tarte Corrector it covers up all of my under eye circles perfectly! It's light on the skin so doesn't crease which is something that is so important in an under-eye concealer. I have the lightest shade which is fair neutral I believe, for once this is actually kind of too light for my skin which is not a problem I usually encounter, but it's worked out okay as it highlights my under eyes perfectly and I can also take it down my nose and under my cheekbone to highlight.

I don't talk about nail polishes very often, in fact since the rebranding and birth of m0llylouise I don't think I have ever included a nail polish in any of my posts. I don't wear nail polish that often out of pure laziness, and when I do put it on it will stay there for a few weeks until it has chipped off to an extent that I can't bare it any more. The only polish I have been wearing on my nails lately is the Rimmel London 60 Second Super Shine Nail Polish in Sand and Deliver which, dare I say it, might be the perfect nude polish for me. I have tested out a lot of nude nail polishes in my time in my journey to find the 'perfect nude'. My criteria? Something that's not too warm and not too cool, perfectly neutral. I had a polish from Formula X back in the day that was so perfect but it was a mini that came in a set and I have completely forgotten the name of it but this is almost a perfect dupe for this. What more can be said other than it's the perfect nude for my skin tone.

Finally is the Origins Modern Friction Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion which I mentioned somewhat briefly in this post. This is the perfect exfoliator for people with dry and sensitive skin, it's so gentle on the skin but really gets rid of any dead skin and buffs your skin leaving it feeling moisturised and smooth which rarely happens to me after using exfoliators. The full size of this costs s over £30 which is pretty expensive but luckily I've found it in the Cosmetics Company Store for £23 so when I run out I won't have to pay too much!
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