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The Best Undereye Corrector

February 02, 2016
I used to have the biggest struggle with concealer, nothing had ever properly covered up my under eye circles completely. I could use a really high coverage concealer but still wouldn't feel completely happy that my dark circles were completely erased. Then it clicked that I should probably be using a corrector to counteract my dark circles. I knew straight away that I wanted to get the Tarte CC Undereye Corrector but as everyone knows Tarte is pretty hard to get your hands on here in the UK. The only place to get their products from is QVC and their selection doesn't include everything plus most of the colours sell out super fast. They do actually sell the Undereye Corrector on it's own now but when I placed my order they only had the CC Concealer and Corrector.

First off I have one problem, being that the corrector part of the duo is so small in comparison to the concealer. The concealer is a bit too thick to wear on it's own under the eyes so I only really use it for spot concealing so I have hardly used much of it. Although you only need a small bit of the corrector Tarte could have made it just a little bigger! I have been keeping my eye on the QVC website waiting for the light-medium shade to come back in stock for when I come to repurchasing.

This corrector is so good, it's really creamy and seriously covers up my under circles, I could honestly go out wearing just this with no need to put a concealer over the top of it as it gives amazing coverage on it's own. The only thing that stops me from doing this is the fact that because I'm super pale it is a touch darker than I would prefer my concealer to be so I like to put the Urban Decay Naked Concealer over it so brighten up the area then after I do this my undereyes look flawless.
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