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February 17, 2016

I don't normally keep that many beauty products beside my bed, I usually do my makeup infront of the mirror and my skincare in the bathroom so don't have much need to keep anything on hand. But there are a few products that I always like to have near to me, whether that be in my bag or by my bed.

I always have hand sanitizer on me, I always keep one in my bag (I take the bus to uni, enough said) and my favourite ones have always been the Bath and Body Works PocketBac just became they smell so, damn, good. The one I have been using recently is the scent Sweet Pea which has a floral but sweet scent. Another must-have-at-all times is lip balm, the one that I always keep in my room is NUXE Reve de Miel Lipbalm. I don't really take this out with me as I don't want to take the pot around with me and much prefer using a stick lipbalm for on the go. This is the best lip balm for moisturising your lips, it's great for putting on before makeup when you know you want to wear a lipstick as this will prep your lips and make the lipstick go on SO much easier. I also use this before going to bed, it's been so windy and cold recently and my lips have been seriously affected. Using this has really helped them and has stopped them from getting insanely dry throughout the day.

Now two of my favourite moisturising products. The Body Shop body butters are seriously the best, I don't really use any other body butters at all any more. My go-to ones are the Shea Body Butter which I'm currently using, and the Coconut Body Butter because they smell so good! Not only that, they actually work amazingly at making your skin incredibly soft and smooth without leaving a nasty residue behind after you've rubbed it all in. For the face my favourite hydrating mask at the moment is the Avene Soothing Moisture Mask which I picked up from a French pharmacy last time I was in France. It's the perfect mask for lazy people like me as you don't even really have to wash this off after you use it, which is great as I always find taking off face masks the most annoying thing. You just let this sink into the skin for about 10-15 minutes and then I like to remove the excess using a cotton pad that has some thermal water sprayed onto it. This leaves my skin feeling so soft, it's amazing! I have also heard good things about the Origins moisture masks which I'm interested in, and to see how they match up to the Avene alternative,

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