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February 14, 2016

Despite hearing everyone and their mother's talking about Origins skincare products I had surprisingly never tried anything from them until my sister got me one of their gift sets for Christmas. Now slight issue, I have no idea what the gift set was called as I threw the box away so long ago and I cant find the gift set ANYWHERE online, like it's gone. The nearest thing I have found is the Origins Shining Stars Set which has some similar products but not the same and a bit more expensive. So if you're wanting to get a set with the same products as I am telling you about then I'm sorry to be letting you down but let's get onto my thoughts on the four mini's this gift set contained.

So to start on a positive note I'm going to start with the product that is, without a doubt, my favourite of the bunch. The Modern Friction Scrub is the perfect scrub for people with dry skin that has a tendency to feel tight and uncomfortable when using particular products. This is such a lovely gentle exfoliator that gets rid of any dry patches on your skin yet makes it feel so smooth and hydrated after. I find when I use some exfoliators my face gets so red and irritated but I have not had this at all with this product. I will 100% be repurchasing this when I run out of this which will be very soon. For me this is the stand out product of the set. You are supposed to use this on dry, clean skin but for people with sensitive skin it is advised to do so on damp skin which I have been doing, my skin honestly looks noticeably better when using this.

My next favourite is the GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturizer which I love for in the mornings. The amazing citrus-y scent combined with a refreshing feeling it leaves on the skin makes this the perfect pick me up product to use. This isn't a thick moisturiser at all, infact it sinks into the skin so quickly which is especially good for when you're in a rush and don't want to wait around for a thick moisturiser to sink in properly.

Next up is a mask which I'm sure you've already heard plenty about, the Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Maskv. This is a clay mask which is perfect for people with problem skin, I thought this mask was going to be great at clearing up my temperamental skin but in all honesty I didn't notice much of a difference after using it, even after a few applications. I think this could be down to the fact that I don't have that many spots, my skin just gets really red and irritated so a mask like this usually doesn't help. I think I would prefer one of the more hydrating masks that origins do and for that reason I wouldn't get this product in the full size. 

Finally I have a product that I disliked straight away so have only used it once which is the Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash. I was hoping that this was going to be a face wash that left my skin feeling good and I thought that was what it was going to do when I put it into my hand as it feels pretty rich. Even when I started to put it on my face I thought I was going to like it as it creates a lovely lather and does feel like it's cleaning your skin. But when I washed it off my skin felt so incredibly tight and uncomfortable, I had to use so much moisturiser to make my skin feel like normal. This stuff really didn't work for me at all, so if you have dry skin that is prone to feeling tight like mine then I really would not recommend this at all. 

Out of the set I loved two of the products that I will be repurchasing soon, I'm just glad that I got to try out the sample sizes before committing myself to a full size and then finding out I don't like it. 

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