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The Concealer Roundup

January 06, 2016

I would say that concealer is the only makeup product that I seriously couldn't live without, something I wouldn't leave the house without. I have pretty bad dark circles, so I need a concealer that is going to give good enough coverage to cover them up.

The One for Tired Eyes; Maybelline The Eraser Concealer is the best concealer that actually feels like it's doing something. This is the perfect concealer for when you wake up and your eyes are looking tired and puffy. It gives great coverage but isn't thick in the slightest, it makes me look alive again in the morning.

The One for Correcting and Coverage: Some days my dark circles can get really bad, times like this I need an actual correcting concealer that is going to neutralize any dark circles. The Tarte CC Concealer and Corrector is the perfect concealer for people who want some serious coverage. This covers up my dark circles like a dream! It is a little on the thick side so be careful, use sparingly and blend well. As it's quite creamy you really need to set it straight away with a powder to avoid it creasing, apart from that it's probably my favourite concealer of the bunch!

The Budget Friendly Option That Works: An old favourite is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, I have been through countless tubes of this stuff. It's under a fiver but is such a good product, it's a little thick but that doesn't matter to me at all. It stays under my eyes all day, use a powder to set it and it won't budge. I always have one of these rolling around my makeup collection because for the price I can't fault it.

The Everyday Lightweight Concealer: I love the Healthy Mix Serum Foundation, for its lighweight formula and good coverage and the concealer lives up to it's foundation counterpart. The Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer is lightweight but covers up any dark circles that I have, it's not thick at all and is so easy to blend, making it the perfect quick everyday concealer. The only problem I have is the applicator, it's a squeezy tube which I don't like at all as it's so hard to get the right amount of product out.

The On-The-Go Concealer: I'm not a makeup re-applyer. Once my makeup is put on in the morning it will remain there until I take it off at night. That being said I always have a concealer stick on me throughout the day, for covering up anything on my face that I don't want to show. For this I like using the Natural Collection Cover Up Stick, it's crazy cheap so I don't mind chucking it into my bag but it does the trick for on the spot concealing, I find concealer sticks like this a real must have!
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