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The Best Makeup Removers for When You're in a Rush

January 10, 2016
In the evening all I want is something that will remove my makeup super quickly without much hassle. Something that doesn't leave any residue on my skin that needs to be wiped off, just something that will remove every last scrap of makeup and leave my skin feeling fresh and clean. I hate makeup removers that contain oil, you know, the ones that have a oil layer that you have to mix up? They leave a horrible oily residue on the skin that feels nasty. Now I have found my two holy grail makeup removers that I can't live without, and that seriously work.

The Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water: This is the makeup remover that is the quickest of the pair, Simply put onto a cotton pad, wipe all around your face and all your makeup is gone! This even removes mascara like a dream which I find a lot of makeup removers with this formula don't tend to do. Despite being a massive fan of French pharmacy skincare I have yet to try Bioderma which is a shock I know, but since finding this I have no plans on every trying it. Maybe just a small size. This leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean, after using it you can just go straight to bed as it leaves no residue at all on the skin. This is perfect for the 'i just want to get all of my makeup off quick and get into bed' nights.

The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil: This product requires a bit more effort than the micellar water but it's so worth it and is still incredibly quick. I use about 2 pumps of the cleansing oil and rub it into my face mainly focusing on the eye area. It's so gentle so I can definitely get away with rubbing it all over my eyes without worrying about it irritating them. Then using warm water and a muslin cloth I remove it all. This seriously gets rid of every last bit of makeup on my face which is great, it removes everything so quickly as it turns into a milk when water touches it which makes it super easy. This stuff works so well, I am currently on my fourth bottle of it which really says a lot as I used to switch up my skincare quite a lot. Now there is no chance of me ever switching this out of my skincare routine!
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