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Do You Need an AM and PM Eye Cream?

January 03, 2016
Long story short, YES. I've come a long way; from not wearing eye cream at all to committing myself to two different daily eye creams. My reason behind the need for an AM and PM eye cream is simply that I want different things in the morning and evening. In the morning I want something that is going to be light, moisturising and combat any signs of tiredness. Basically I want a 'do everything' eye cream that leaves a perfect base for makeup. For the evening all I want is something that is mega moisturising because my eyes get so dry, especially my eyelids so I desperately need something that will keep my eyes moisturised until morning.

My favourite AM eye cream is the La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Eyes which is especially for tired eyes. It's a clear eye cream that's pretty thin and sinks into the skin quickly without feeling dry. It feels really nice on the skin, it feels refreshing and I actually feel like it does something to my tired morning eyes. When it comes to the evening I have found the perfect eye cream is the No7 Beautiful Skin Overnight Revitalising Eye Balm. The name may be a little deceiving, I would not call this a balm at all. It feels pretty similar to the AM eye cream, it's fairly thin and clear yet is noticeably more moisturising. It does sink into the skin fairly quick which I like as you know it's not just sitting on top of your skin. This leaves your eyes feeling seriously nourished and I have definitely noticed a difference in the look and feel of my eyes since using this. I am a major fan of the No7 skincare range, I love the day cream and the cleansing lotion and used altogether my skin has been feeling great. I also love La Roche Posay for their targeted, treatment products which is probably why I love their eye cream for the morning as it really just does exactly what I need. The two eye creams together are just perfect.

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