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The 2 Products You Need For Textured Hair.

December 13, 2015

My hair doesn't really play ball, it's a love hate relationship. Sure it's naturally straight and requires minimal effort in the morning but its flat, thin and all over lifeless. Having to wake up at 7am to catch my bus to uni at 8am doesn't leave me with much time to do much apart from the essentials so most mornings my hair just gets a quick brush. If there's a hair product I will use it needs to be super simple and quick but actually delivers results to add a bit of texture to my hair, this is where these two products come in.

The Toni & Guy 3D Volumiser is best used on dry hair so it's the perfect thing to use in the morning (that's if you're like me and tend to shower at night). I tend to spray this on and around my roots, then work it in using my fingers. This really gives your hair a boost, it delivers great volume and texture but without making your hair feel crispy in any way. Its not a continuous spray and the spray isn't as fine as the next product so if you use too much of it your hair can start to look a little greasy. As long as you spray it from a good distance away and just use what you need this is great.

The newest edition to my hair product collection is the Got2be Mind Blowing Fast Dry Hairspray. Unlike the Toni&Guy offering this works the best on wet hair so on the weekends when I wash my hair in the mornings this is amazing. I spray it onto my roots and straight away you can feel that it's dried your hair up, cutting my blow-drying time in half! This isn't really much of a hairspray but it has a continuous spray making it super fine and easy to use. Again I work it into my hair to create volume and texture and it's just amazing, plus it's smells so good.

As someone who is not the biggest fan of hair products through laziness these two products have really won me over, not only have they cut down my styling time but has given my lifeless mane the oomph that it's so in need of.
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