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Thoughts on Ebay Makeup Brushes

October 12, 2015

Ebay probably isn't the first place you would think of before buying makeup brushes, I usually stick to Real Techniques as my go-to brush brand but seeing as all the brushes were 99p (with very small shipping costs) there's nothing to lose.

Like everyone I wanted the beauty blender as soon as I heard about it. I saw this beauty sponge in the 'similar items' section and put it straight into my basket. I like the shape of it as it makes applying any cream product a dream, I can use the larger end to buff product into my cheeks, chin etc. then use the pointed tip to get into areas like under my eyes and around my nose, It gives such a flawless finish, I have been especially loving this for my foundation as it gives an airbrush effect.

Have you ever seen a makeup brush that had a whole in the middle of it? Neither had I before seeing this brush, it interested me so much that I had to test it out. The idea of this foundation brush is that you put your foundation into the whole, it fits about a pump and a half of my max factor foundation, and as you apply the product should come out evenly rather then all being distributed in the same place. It works really well, it doesn't apply completely perfect so I do have to dot the foundation around a little bit at first but it blends so well, it's been my go to base brush since I've got it.

Another brush that I put straight into my basket was this blush brush which just happens to look very similar to the well known Nars Artisan brush. The brush was a little bit smaller than I was expecting to be. I was planning on using this for blush but compared to the size of the RT blusher brush I find that the ebay offering doesnt put the product all over my cheeks and is a little bit more stiff. However I have found that I really like it for highlighter as it's just the right size for perfectly covering the top of my cheekbones and down my nose.

Finally I got a fan brush, the only type of brush that I had nothing similar to prior to this. This was the only brush that I actually searched for instead of just stumbling across. The thought process in getting this was that I could use it to apply contour and highlighter in a more subtle way. When I recieved it I realised that wouldn't be an option. The brush is very thin so its pretty hard to do anything with, I did try using it with highlighter and it was the best use I found. It is far to thin to be used for anything other than sweeping away excess product. For 99p it was cheap but isn't something I will be using very often.

I ordered the first three brushes from the same seller and shipping took about 3 weeks which is what I expected as it was from Asia, the fan brush came in about a week which was great.

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