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October 16, 2015

 The more observant of you may have noticed in  'The Desk Of' post the ugly blue diary that I had been using for the past couple of months, I got it from WhSmiths a few weeks before starting Uni just out of necessity. It was one of the diaries that was a day to view which at first I thought was what I wanted to be able to write down all of my uni work. I was very, very wrong. Having a day to view for me was so inconvenient as I wasn't able to easily see what I was doing for the week or all of the things I had to get done, so I ended up not using it.

I've been watching a lot of 'plan with me' videos on Youtube and seeing all of the pretty planners out there it was obvious I couldnt stick with my ugly blue one. I found a stationary website called after seeing a few videos with their planners mentioned.They have some amazing planners on the website, I originally wanted the Florabunda large agenda but it was sold out so I got the classic agenda which I found on ASOS (but its not on the website anymore :( )

The classic agenda cost me £20 and as soon as it came I was in love, it's hardback and feels really sturdy and well made. It was also a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be so i'm so glad I didnt wait to get the larger size. Everything is laid out so well, it's a week to view which is so helpful when doing my uni work on the weekend, plus the pages are not lined so I can write all over the page. At the start of every month there are 2 pages that have a different design on them which I think is such a nice touch. Throughout the whole planner it is clear that a lot of thought has been put into each page, i'm someone that is very big on aesthetics so having all the little touches makes me love the planner even more.

The only possible downside for me is the fact that it is not spiral bound like the larger option, so you can't lay the pages completely down but if you work at it you are able to keep the pages in place and stop them turning over when looking at the week. This is the perfect planner for me, I've kept so organised since getting this and would highly recommend this brand for those who are wanting new stationary.
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