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September 17, 2015

I'll admit it, organisation is not something I've been very good at over the years. I've always kept a planner with me during college to jot down homework and what not but that was the extent of it. Now I'm in Uni I'm trying to make an effort to stay organised and it starts with my desk which is from IKEA.

I got a new laptop (HP Pavillion) for my 18th birthday which was just over a month ago, my old laptop was pretty bulky and wouldn't survive when it wasn't on charge so I was in need of an upgrade. I also got a mini whiteboard to put on my desk from Amazon. I'm not really a post-it kind of person, I have loads of them but I never use them because I find that for unimportant notes I will use my whiteboard and for information I will need again I will just write it into a notebook.

Then I have my phone, the iPhone 4s which is constantly with me. I have a case from Madotta which my best friend got me for my birthday. I've been trying out a few organisational apps on it recently to try and make a rundown of the best apps for organisation which will be featured in a blog post soon. Finally I just have some of my Uni supplies that I got, so far all I have is a notebook (the Oxford Campus notebooks are the bomb) a folder and a load of pens. I love using the ink pens as I find it always makes my handwriting look 100x better.

What do you keep on your desk to keep you organised?
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