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The Three Products You Need For Perfect Hair

August 20, 2017
ouai morning after kit haircare

How Ouai managed to maintain my unruly locks.

Ouai has been pretty much dominating the hair world recently, I'd be shocked if there was anyone reading it hadn't heard of the cult brand. I follow Jen Atkin on snapchat and she completely sucked me into trying some of her products.
So, not being one to go in and buy the full-size product straight away, I picked up the Morning After Kit that contains mini versions of; Rose Hair Oil, Finishing Creme, and Dry Shampoo Foam

ouai morning after kit haircareThe two main products from Ouai that I was really eager to try was the hair oil and the dry shampoo foam, so this kit was the perfect thing for me - and for just under £20 I think it's a pretty good deal.

Finishing Creme: Because my hair is pretty thin it tends to be a little unruly and hard to make stay in place - the constant windblown look is something I have just learnt to deal with as my hair never stays in place. But this is the perfect product to smooth down my hair and make it far more easier to maintain without weighing it down.

Dry Shampoo Foam: This was the product that I was most excited for but also most sceptical about. My hair gets mega-greasy so I am a frequent user of dry shampoo, and the thought of dry shampoo in a foam just doesn't really add up to me. But I can put my hands up and say that I was wrong to doubt this as it really does get rid of the grease in my hair and makes it feel clean and fresh. It also doesn't leave the same dry feeling that normal dry shampoo usually leaves your hair, definitely a game changer.

Rose Hair and Body Oil: I have just recently got into using oils on my hair so this couldn't have come at a better time. The smell is slight, so not too overpowering which I definitely appreciate. It makes my hair soft and sleek, while keeping it healthy. 

Have you tried any Ouai products?


My Final Thoughts on Cushion Foundations

August 02, 2017

Spilling all on the latest foundation trend

I'm quick to jump on just about any beauty trend that makes its way out of the woodwork and anything base-related is always going to be right up my street. So it wasn't long before I delved into the world of cushion foundations, and after a few months of use, it's time to discuss my final thoughts.

Just in case you've been living under a rock for the past year I'll give a little context to the elusive cushion foundation. Brought over by innovative Korean friends, cushion foundations are the on-the-go dream - a sponge soaked in foundation housed in a compact to take anywhere with you. 
Without going into detail on specific products I'll go over my thoughts on cushion foundations as a whole. Are they are a great idea, hell yes. They are the perfect product to chuck in your bag for touch-ups throughout the day, and having a pre-soaked sponge just removes all the hassle and mess associated with traditional foundation formulas. But the problem is, is there really much difference than just taking any old foundation and soaking it in a sponge? Cushion foundations are undeniably more expensive than your normal foundations, holding less product and the bulky packaging doesn't make it the best value product on the market. And if you're planning on using this as your daily foundation you'd get more bang for your buck just getting a normal foundation which is one of the main reasons I won't be continuing to invest in more.

I've found that with all the cushion foundations I've owned they dry up pretty quickly, maybe getting just over a month of use - and that's without using it every day. This is a big annoyance for me as I don't normally like to keep a huge stash of bases on the go so don't want to have to repurchase foundation every month when the previous has dried up. Along with the problems I mentioned above, things just weren't going well for me and cushion foundations.

On the whole, I absolutely love all the cushion foundations I've tried, the coverage is solid but extremely lightweight on the skin. To be used solely as a touch-up product this would be great. But it just dries up too quickly that I would just rather buy a normal foundation to save some money and for it to last a little longer.

What are your thoughts on cushion foundations?

Finding a Holy Grail Bronzer

July 26, 2017
makeup forever pro fusion bronzer

The journey to find the perfect bronzer has ended.

Bronzer has always been something that I have struggled with, my skin is very pale so I find that most bronzers tend to run too orange on me, with the ashy tones showing up a little too gray.
The closest holy grail I have tried prior to this has been Hoola Bronzer but even that I found a little off, but then came the MUFE Pro Fusion Bronzer in the shade Soft Iridescent Caramel. I picked this up purely on the basis that I am a huge fan of the MUFE base products so didn't think this would let me down. And I was not wrong.

The one way I would describe this bronzer is that is the perfect 'i've been in the sun for two weeks and got a killer tan'. It really is just the perfect shade for my skin tone, it looks natural but I definitely look considerably more bronzed when I'm using this. The bronzer is super smooth and pigmented, with surprisingly little fall-out when dipping your brush in.

The special thing about this bronzer is that it is a gel infusion which is the reason there is no fallout. It applies smoothly and effortlessly to the skin without ever looking powdery. It's long lasting and gives radiance that lasts all day. I seriously can't fault this bronzer, the colour is perfect as is the longevity and appearance. If you are yet to find your perfect bronzer this is one to try.

Recent Beauty Additions

July 21, 2017

Because there's no such thing as too many beauty products.

It's been a while since I've detailed my beauty obsessive spending habits, which has resulted in me collecting quite a few products to speak about today. I'm completely sure there have been so many more things that I haven't spoken about but they will be featured in posts in good time.

It's taken me some time but I have finally caved and picked up Mac Velvet Teddy and I love it just as much as everyone told me I would, it's comfortable on the lips and the colour is a perfect my-lips-but-better shade. 

I also went a little Rimmel crazy in the past few weeks, picking up my new favourite brow products; Brow This Way Sculpting Duo and Mascara, which has seriously upped my brow game. Along with the Volume Colourist Mascara which delivers amazing length and volume without making your lashes look too clumpy or fake-looking.

On a final trip to Sephora when I finished studying abroad in France I picked up something that has been on my wishlist for a very long time, the Orgasm and Laguna duo. I love Laguna, it shows up so well on my skin, and I also liked Orgasm a lot more than I originally thought I would. I also picked up the Tony Moly Cooling Eye Balm which is a lifesaver on the early mornings when my eyes are super puffy.

The Pai Rosehip Oil has been a longtime item on my wishlist and it has lived up to my expectations, along with the Pai Gentle Cleanser I think my skin is finally starting to clear up. 

Finally, some odd bits and bobs are the L'Oreal Elvive Hair Oil and the Ciate Cuticle Oil to round up my most recent beauty purchases.

What have your most recent beauty purchases been?

The Lighter Summer Bases

July 17, 2017

Because the last thing you need to be worrying about this summer is your makeup.

The last thing we want on these summer mornings is to put a lot of time into our makeup, just for it to melt off during the day. So it's time to ditch your full coverage foundations for something much more lighter and manageable.

For the lightest of light I love the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream as it provides barely-there coverage, perfect for the most minimal makeup look. It evens out your skin tone but doesn't make you feel like your face is completely bare. Along with having SPF 30 this is the perfect beach/no makeup day base.

Going up a notch we have the Estee Lauder Double Wear All Day Glow BB, this gives a bit more coverage than the Maybelline BB cream, so for those who want just that little more coverage, this is perfect. Besides having SPF 30, this BB cream has some serious glow which makes it even more perfect for summer. 

The last base is not so much a BB cream, but qualifies in the summer base list because of how light it feels on the skin. The Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation has a good medium coverage that will cover all of your imperfections but won't make you feel like a cake-face.

What are your favourite summer bases?


How A Face Oil Changed My Skin

July 10, 2017

pai rose hip oil review

How facial oil solved all my skin problems. 

So I will just preface this by saying that I have pretty dry skin that's probably dehydrated at the same time. And I have not been having a good time with it recently, I have been suffering from breakouts and just overall redness mainly across my cheeks. Nothing I have tried has really done anything which has lead me to continuously swap and change my skincare products which undoubtedly hasn't helped much. 

I've never used a facial oil before now, I never really knew if they would be a welcome addition to my routine as I already use so many products that are ultra-moisturising anyway. But one oil, in particular, has changed my mind completely. I've heard a few things here and there about the Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil and after getting so fed up with my skin I was willing to try anything.

This oil claims to deeply condition the skin while improving firmness, elasticity and clarity. It's supercharged with a bunch of ingredients that help to regenerate your skin, reduce blemishes, dullness and dry patches. And for me it has done all of these things, it's really helped to keep my blemishes at bay and my skin has been looking so good since incorporating it into my routine. My skin is looking miles clearer, brighter and healthier. It isn't too thick and sinks into my skin really quickly so doesn't add any additional hassle to my skincare routine, especially in the morning when I need to be extra speedy.

pai rose hip oil review

In short, this oil has completely changed my skin and made it so much happier. I've been using it for a few weeks and have hardly made a dent in the bottle so it's definitely going to be worth the £22 price tag.


A Fake Tan Discovery

July 06, 2017
solait dry oil fake tan superdrug
As a serial fake tanner on a budget, I have tried my fair share of affordable fake tans. But this has been my most favourite discovery to date.

I am super pale, along with that my skin burns insanely quickly. When I say quickly I mean, I was in Mykonos and laid on the beach for an hour and managed to get the worst sunburn ever which put me out of tanning action for the rest of the trip. So yeah, fake tan is pretty much my only option at this point. But I see this as more of a blessing in disguise as it means no damage for my skin.

Normally I have always stuck with mousse self-tanners, it's what I know and feel comfortable using, and they have served me well over the years. But after running out of my last bottle when I went in to pick up another it had sold out, which lead me to the Solait Dry Oil Tan. I picked it up on a whim just to see what it was like and I have fallen in love.

It's extremely easy to apply, just using your usual fake tan mitt but the results are so good. I think that because it's an oil it doesn't go patchy as it moisturises your skin. And as someone who can be a bit lazy on the exfoliation front, this is a lifesaver. I come out with a really natural colour that lasts for a good amount of time. It's even, fades away nicely - just everything that I could ask for in a fake tan.

If you're on the hunt for a new fake tan, this is definitely one to try. And for only £4.99 (plus I think it is currently reduced) it's a no-brainer.


The Best Place for Beauty Bargains

July 03, 2017
korean beauty bargains tk maxx

I am all about grabbing great beauty bargains whenever I can. I'm the kind of person that very rarely willingly pays full price for any beauty products. With constant sales and offers going on all the time, there really isn't much need to do so. 

But my favourite place for an anytime bargain has to be TK Maxx. Now, it is very rare that I hear beauty and TK Maxx in the same sentence but that definitely needs to be changed. The perfect mix of thrift shop and Sephora, this often overlooked shop is home to some seriously great beauty products. I have seen brands like MAC, Nars, Pai, Peter Thomas Roth etc. regularly on the shelves for amazingly affordable prices. Often times you will find products on sale as well which makes it even more purse-friendly.

On a recent trip, I picked up a bunch of my favourite Korean sheet masks, all for under £3. It can take a little bit of searching to find the best products amongst some uninteresting brands but it's definitely worth it. Last week I even scored a Pai skincare set with a full-size cleanser, facial oil and mini moisturiser on sale for £20, and considering the oil is usually £22 alone I was pleased, to say the least, to pick this up.

So next time you think about walking past TK Maxx, pop in and see what bargains you can find! Or if you've shopped their beauty section before, what has been your favourite find?


The Travel Diaries

June 22, 2017

It's been quite a while since I last posted on my little corner of the internet, so rather going straight back to the normal schedule, I've collected some pictures from my travels over the past few months to give some sort of explanation as to why m0llylouise has been very quiet.

To start with, me and some friends did a road trip around the south of France back in April. As you may know, I was studying abroad in the Northern French city of Lille so it was nice to explore more of the country I called home for 9 months. Over a few days, we went to Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille, Nice and Monaco.

All the cities were amazing but I especially loved Bordeaux, during our stay we also visited the small wine town of St. Emilion, definitely a must-see if you are in the area. 

We didn't spend too much time in Toulouse but did go for dinner in a tapas place called Borriquito Loco, and I'm telling you, you need to go there. It was probably the best restaurant I have ever been too, the tapas was so good but the vibes were incredible - with people dancing on tables and singing, nothing else compares.

More recently, after finishing study abroad and moving back to England I planned one more trip, starting in Berlin. One of my friends is studying abroad here so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to stay for a few days without having to pay for a hotel. And it was such a great city to explore for 4 days, obviously seeing the tourist sights as well as frequenting the rooftop bars with the locals.

Berlin was such a relaxed trip, unlike the road trip where we were short on time and wanted to see as much as we could. While in Berlin it was all very chill and spent most of the time just walking around and seeing some super touristy spots when we came upon them. I also ate some great food while I was there, most notably Burgermeister for the best burger in the city, Cabslam for a good American-style breakfast to fill you up for the day, and Santa Maria if you want to have the best Mexican food of your life.

Also two of my best bar recommendations for your next trip to Berlin, KlunkerKranich for the coolest rooftop bar ever, also for all you How I Met Your Mother fans you just have to go to Maclaren's Pub - full of cool memorabilia from the show, themed drinks like 'Sex in Ted's Bedroom' and the infamous red booths to sit at while you enjoy your drinks.

Straight from Berlin, I jumped onto a plane to Athens to start my 6-day Greek adventure. It got off to a bit of a bad start once me and my friend discovered we basically chose the worst neighbourhood in Athens to book our hotel which resulted in us ordering a lot of Ubers during our 2 day trip in the city. But this was made up for by the fact that our hotel had a rooftop with perfect views of the Acropolis. Obviously, we made the walk up to see the Pantheon (top tip: it says that the ticket is £20 but once you get to the ticket office make sure to mention you are a student and you can get a ticket for free)

We found a really cool bar called six d.o.g.s. which has an awesome garden area and some seriously amazing and crazy cocktails to sip alongside a great snack menu. Another brunch spot is Mama Roux for great breakfasts as well as the best Freddo Cappuccino I tried while in Greece.

Next stop was Mykonos, known as a party island it certainly is very touristy which is something I don't particularly like when it comes to going on a beach holiday like this trip was planned to be. It seemed that everyone here was English or American which kind of dampened the Greek vibes I wanted. Although this island is absolutely stunning and the beaches are absolutely incredible I feel like it was just too touristy for what I wanted, everything was very overpriced because of this and the authentic Greek style was very much lost in my opinion. 

Apart from that the hotel we stayed in (Petinos Beach Hotel) was a great hotel, with some of the staff being a little rude which was the only problem. But the room was great, with a delicious breakfast included in the mornings, all that and being a stone's throw away from the beach made it a perfect place to rest for the 2 days.

Now onto my favourite place from my travels, Santorini. I was a little worried before coming here as I knew it was one of the biggest tourist destinations right now so I was worried it would be far too crowded but I was so wrong. Yes there are so many tourists but the island itself doesn't feel touristy at all, you can still find the small little authentic restaurants if you know where to look - it really is an amazingly beautiful place and somewhere I will be visiting again for sure again in the future.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             We stayed in the main city of Fira where most of the restaurants and bars are. Another popular place to stay is Oia, which is where the famous sunset images are always from. Personally, I think that Fira is the much better option, not just because you have everything you need right there but also it doesn't feel as packed as Oia. Another thing is that all the buses leave from Fira and there are no connecting buses between destinations so it's good to be where all the buses go from.   
Someone at our hotel recommended a restaurant called Naoussa, a small family run restaurant with amazing views of the sunset. The food here was absolutely incredible, so much so that we ate here both nights we stayed in Santorini, the food was traditional Greek dishes with really reasonable prices - 100% would recommend to everyone visiting the island.

And that completes my most recent travel diary. I've really had the best time seeing all of these new places. Aside from travelling as I said I finished studying abroad in France and have moved back to England. But there are still exciting times ahead as I have just moved to Brighton for my placement year where I am going to be working for a digital marketing company for my third year of university.